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Bold Is Beautiful: Woodfired Cooking & Wine Matching Workshop

Burnt mussels in pan We are excited to announce that we are collaborating with Woodfired Canteen to deliver a unique event on 22nd April; a woodfired cooking and wine matching workshop. Ben Quinn’s flavour-drenched woodfired food will meet its match, with inspired on-the-hoof selections from our maverick wine expert, Jon Keast. Guests will gain first-hand experience of a range of woodfired techniques as they prepare a communal meal alongside Ben, before choosing wines to match their creations with the help of Jon. Ben, who has made it his business to deliver memorable dining experiences in offbeat locations across Cornwall and beyond, is looking forward to demonstrating the craft of woodfired cooking: “We’ll be breaking down prime cuts of meat, grilling fresh vegetables and creating punchy dressings. I’ll be showing our guests how to get the most flavour out of seasonal ingredients using the techniques of smoking, burning and grilling.” Meanwhile Jon will be set the challenge of choosing a variety of wines to try alongside Ben’s dishes, aided by suggestions from guests. Jon said: “I’ve got some idea of what Ben will be cooking, but I won’t know exactly until our guests arrive. I’m hoping that as a group we will come up with some creative wine matches – we have over 300 wines available at Scarlet Wines from all over the world, so it should be fun!” He added: “Wine dinners can sometimes be slightly stuffy affairs, but this should be just the opposite. We are hoping for lively discussion and a great atmosphere – fuelled by wood fire and wine!” The workshop starts at 6pm on 22nd April, here in the courtyard at Scarlet Wines. Tickets are £50pp including all food and drink, and spaces are very limited. Click here to book via Eventbrite.

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New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

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