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Four-legged friends welcome....

dog2 At Scarlet Wines we often get asked - either beforehand or by anxious disembodied heads poking around the door - whether we accept dogs. We realize that for many of our customers, bringing their pooch along is an essential part of an enjoyable outing. After all we're perfectly positioned for a stop-off before or after a walk, surrounded as we are by beautiful beaches and countryside. Sunday for example is the perfect occasion to enjoy an excursion followed by a fortifying lunch in the company of your pleasantly tired dog. That's why we don't just accept, but welcome dogs and muddy walkers; many a hound has enjoyed an afternoon drying off in front of the wood burner whilst us humans are busy putting the world to rights or trying to resist another slice of cake. Sometimes we quite envy them.... So, in case you were wondering, four-legged friends are very much welcome (we're anticipating friends of the dog variety here, but if you have another quadruped in mind please run it past us, we might be keen). Although we have a 'leave it outside' rule when it comes to this kind of behavior - dog1

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Hello to our new manager....

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

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