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Mackerel Tartare

Mackerel Tartare Mackerel Tartare
By Head Chef Olly Hudson Fresh Mackerel is arguably the best fish flavour there is and this can easily be shown-off eating it straight out of the water......uncooked. One way I like to demonstrate this is by serving Mackerel Tartare. It is an easy dish to prepare. One by one, most of the ingredients are finely chopped, (the mackerel needs to be skinned and boned first, the lemon zested and juiced, the horseradish grated) then mixed together. Serve it with a sharp pickle and something crispy and you will have a dish I think this is ideal for a hot summer day. Quickly, make it now before the rain comes back................ Mackerel Taretare Ingredients 3 fresh Mackerel ½ a ripe Avocado 30g grated fresh Horseradish 25/30 small Caper Berries ½ Lemon 100g Crème Fraiche 3-4 Shallots A Handful of chopped Parsley, another of Dill Salt & Pepper

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New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

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