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Star-Studded Photography Exhibition

We are looking forward to hosting a stellar photography exhibition this February, exploring the work of Carinthia West; muse, model, actress and photographer of icons such as George Harrison, Helen Mirren and David Bowie. We will be showcasing portraits from Carinthia’s globe-trotting career, which has taken her from Washington to London, Los Angeles and finally to Cornwall, where she is now based. We are so excited to be displaying this enthralling selection of images. Carinthia’s photographs are a window into more hedonistic times, and provide some much-needed escapism in the midst of a Cornish winter.
Carinthia West Profile Pic MR Image by Caroline Forbes
Carinthia’s work documents the Swinging Sixties, Hollywood in the 1980s, and a career in entertainment journalism in London in the 1990s; a life full of rich experiences. As Muse Magazine wrote, Carinthia was “a free spirit, blissfully unaware that she was candidly recording icons and iconic moments of the times.” The only child of General Sir Michael (UK representative of NATO in Washington DC 1961-1965) and Lady Christine West, Carinthia was raised in famous company in the US, as her aristocratic and fun-loving parents hosted dinners with the Kennedy’s, visiting Royalty, diplomats and VIPs. When Carinthia was 16 the family returned to London, where she was ‘discovered’ standing at a bus stop on the King’s Road by Beatles photographer Robert Whitaker. Whitaker, whose flat mate was Eric Clapton, opened a door to a life of acting and modelling; Carinthia was soon in the company of stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Marianne Faithfull, Carly Simon and Ronnie Wood. She starred in Eric Idle's Rutland Weekend Television (his first project after Monty Python), Crime and Punishment with John Hurt, and episodes of Blake's 7 and ITV’s Thriller, before moving to Los Angeles, where she shared a flat with Helen Mirren' and later became Style Editor of L.A. Weekly. A family illness bought her back to England and the 1990s saw her working in London as a journalist and contributing editor for Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar – interviewing stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Sutherland, Anjelica Huston, Steve Martin, Dennis Hopper, Melanie Griffith and Mick Jagger. Throughout her life, Carinthia has had a camera by her side - documenting the people she met and capturing the spirit of the times she lived through; this exhibition provides a window on that extraordinary life. ‘Hanging Out’ will be on display 6th Feb – 5th March. The wine bar, deli and café will be open 9-5 every day (plus Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings). The exhibition is the latest in a series which celebrates the work of a diverse selection of local artists.

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New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

Vinateros Tasting, London, 21st February

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