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We’ve searched the world for the very best beers…

Recently we introduced you to our pick of UK beers (and ciders), whittled down from a vast selection of worthy candidates. But it doesn’t stop there; there are plenty of interesting styles to discover from all over the world. Once again, we have selflessly tasted our way through a great many to come up with this selection for your enjoyment… Mahrs: Founded in 1673 and run by the Michel family since 1880, this small brewery vies for the coveted award of best brewery in Bamberg; arguably Germany’s greatest beer town. All the beers are batch brewed and unpasteurised, using hops, barley and wheat from local farmers. We stock Weisse, ‘aU’ and ETA from Mahrs. Yeastie Boys: Yeastie Boys are Stu Mckinley and Sam Possenniskie who hail from Wellington, New Zealand, which has a great reputation for producing craft beers. As a result of the prohibitive costs of shipping beer from NZ, Stu has recently moved to the UK and now makes Yeastie Boys beers to the original recipes at Brewdog in Aberdeenshire. Pot Kettle Black is a dark beer and we also stock the distinctive Early Grey IPA. Locher Brewery: Set at the foot of the Swiss Alps, this eco-friendly brewery has been run by the Locher family since 1886. Prisitine Alpine water, organic hops and barley grown at the highest altitude in Europe help to create distinctive, refreshing lagers. Look out for a seasonal selection of beers from Locher. Brasserie du Mont Blanc: Originally founded in 1830, Sylvian Chiron revived this brewery in Chamonix in 1999 in order to restore the Savoyard brewing tradition. The extremely pure glacial water for the beer comes from the Enchapleuze Spring which is at an altitude of over 2000m. The beers have won a number of international awards over the years and the brewery is a great mix of tradition and modernity. La Blanche, Rousse and Blonde are all well-loved beers from this classy Alpine producer. Birra del Borge: This is one of Italy’s top craft breweries, known for producing elegant beers. Birra del Borgo was created in 2005 by Leonardo Di Vincenzo, and is based in Borgorose - a small village in the Rieti province, at the border between Lazio and Abruzzo region. The beers are inspired by the traditional brewing styles of Belgium and England but also have an "Italian touch" described as inventive and based on natural ingredients. The Duchessa is a fantastic Saison brewed with Spelt rather than wheat, and the ReAle is a brilliant IPA.

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Enjoy a cold one this summer: Our pick of British beers & ciders

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

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