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Introducing 'The Vineyard Table'

Vineyard Table Logo This week at Scarlet Wines we are excited to introduce our new food offering - 'The Vineyard Table'. Scarlet Wines is five years old and since we opened the food scene locally has become more adventurous and diverse – we feel there is an opportunity now to be a bit bolder and brighter, which is where our hearts really lie. So, we've taken a fresh look at our food and decided to renew our focus around the regional styles and flavours that parallel our other great passion, which is wine of course. Our lovingly compiled list of over 300 wines reveals our fascination with maverick winemakers, off-beat regions and reinvented classics – all united by a common thread of quality, creativity and bold flavours. It's this bold use of flavour and strong regional character that our chefs are now re-injecting into The Vineyard Table menu. The new, rustic style is inspired by sun-drenched Southern Europe and the colourful street cafes of Morocco and Lebanon; the approach is light and wholesome with plenty of fresh produce, healthy grains and distinctive flavours. Dishes include vibrant and colourful salads, skewers of marinated meats and fish, rustic pasta dishes, hearty stews and platters of cheeses, cured meats and local seafood. The menu was tested over the recent half term week and met with great success; the team received plenty of positive feedback from families and other visitors. The new menu is the first in a series of updates, which will including an improved take-away offering and more events which make use of inside and outside space. We hope you'll come and pull up a seat at The Vineyard Table very soon! SW_BBQ-11

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New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

New Decade, New Start For Scarlet Wines

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